Canadian Telecom and Media conglomerate Quebecor reported a 3.5 percent rise in quarterly adjusted income for 2014Q4. But the real star in the conglomerate’s stable was Videotron Telecom Ltd, which posted a 5.3% increase in sales to $730 million.

Within Videotron Telecom, the television side was under pressure from Bell Canada’s IPTV offering, Fibe TV. 14,000 basic cable subscribers were lost. However, Videotron Telecom’s Wireless division added 42,400 new subscribers. ARPU (Average Revenue per User) soared 12.5% to $45.48/month.

Videotron’s Wireless still only has 12% market share, but is growing faster than any of the big three. And combined with the new spectrum that they were awarded, see , they are well positioned to accelerate their gains.

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