Telecommunication Equipment for Telephone Companies, Cable TV Companies, Internet Service Providers. Pricing is typically a fraction of purchasing new directly from the manufacturer.

TruePulse carries Fujitsu Flashwave and Nortel Optera /Ciena equipment in-stock. We can often ship same-day to meet emergency requirements.

TruePulse provides a broad range of systems including voice switching (Class 5), data routers & switches, access (DLC), optical transport (DWDM, SONET ADMs, DCS), DSL, DSLAMs and CMTS.


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Part Number Manufacturer Description
0110-0239-1B ACCESSMAX ADSL 6+6H Card
03028690-00 PI13, 28xDS1 + 12xDS3 I/O (Temp Harden)
03030BCY-01 PDM3, 6xDS3 TRANSMUX
03030BDB PDT1, 28xDS1, Temp Harden
03030JCJ-00 EGS4, 4x1000BaseF
03S-23R000 Splice Mod, 23" OSP, w/ Mounting brackets
0800-0916-001 STGR-LPM2-48-S-NPS 02
0800-0916-001 STGR-LPM2-48-S-NPS 04
0800-0917-101 CR-LPM2-48-S-NPS 04
0800-0917-101 CR-LPM2-48-S-NPS 06
0800-1720-001 6-prt OC-3 optical line interface module
0800-1726-001 STGRCR-LPM2V-48NPS
100-00021 RPOTS-24
100-00034 REV. 12 ODC 10 FAN FILTER FRAME
100-00161 HPOTS-24
100-00183 HU2W-24
100-00458 DS3E-4P
100-00574 COMBO 2-24
1000-6400 Optelian 1550 RGN-248 CARD
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