Telecommunication Equipment for Telephone Companies, Cable TV Companies, Internet Service Providers. Pricing is typically a fraction of purchasing new directly from the manufacturer.

TruePulse carries Fujitsu Flashwave and Nortel Optera /Ciena equipment in-stock. We can often ship same-day to meet emergency requirements.

TruePulse provides a broad range of systems including voice switching (Class 5), data routers & switches, access (DLC), optical transport (DWDM, SONET ADMs, DCS), DSL, DSLAMs and CMTS.


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Part Number Manufacturer Description
NTCA01BK Nortel OC-192/STM-64 TX 1544.53 nm +/
NTCA01BL Nortel OC192 TX 1545.32NM +/- CHIRP A
NTCA01CK Nortel OC-192/STM64 TX 1562.23NM +/-
NTCA01CM Nortel OC192/STM64 ELEAF TX 1562.23nm
NTCA01EK Nortel OC-192/STM64 TX 1530.33nm +/-
NTCA01EL Nortel OC192 TX 1531.12NM +/- CHIRP A
NTCA01EM Nortel OC192/STM64 ELEAF TX 1530.334n
NTCA01EN Nortel OC192 ELEAF TX 1531.12NM +/- C
NTCA01FK Nortel OC-192/STM64 TX 1533.47nm +/-
NTCA01FL Nortel OC192 TX 1534.25NM +/- CHIRP A
NTCA01FM Nortel OC192/STM64 ELEAF TX 1533.465n
NTCA01FN Nortel OC192 ELEAF TX 1534.25NM +/- C
NTCA01GK Nortel OC-192/STM64 TX 1535.04nm +/-
NTCA01GL Nortel OC192 TX 1535.82NM +/- CHIRP A
NTCA01GM Nortel OC192/STM64 ELEAF TX 1535.036n
NTCA01GN Nortel OC192 ELEAF TX 1535.82NM +/- C
NTCA01HK Nortel OC-192/STM64 TX 1541.35nm +/-
NTCA01HL Nortel OC192 TX 1542.14NM +/- CHIRP A
NTCA01HM Nortel OC192/STM64 ELEAF TX 1541.35nm
NTCA01HN Nortel OC192 ELEAF TX 1542.14NM +/- C
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