TruePulse is searching for AKM85 and AKM91 for the Lucent DACS IV.  You may alternately be familiar with them as the AT&T AKM85 and AT&T AKM91, or under the Alcatel-Lucent or Nokia brands too.

The WaveStar DACS IV, or DACS 4, is a large-capacity cross-connect system that provides flexible bandwidth management in a SONET environment. The system can be equipped with various transmission interfaces and supports cross connections at broadband and wideband rates. The system also supports grooming and restoration capabilities.

The AKM85, HECI code T3PQABY, is an ALCATEL-LUCENT DACS IV STS1 Interface Module, also called a SMUXP1 card

The AKM91, HECI code T3PQAH6, Comcode 107219651, is an ALCATEL-LUCENT DACS IV DS3 Interface Module, also called a MUX3 card

The DACS IV is no longer supported by Nokia.

In addition to the AKM85 and AKM91, we are looking for other DACS IV boards too.  Furthermore, we are looking to purchase circuit boards for other ALCATEL-LUCENT platforms including the LambdaUnite 1675 MSS, Galaxy Power Systems, AnyMedia Access System, and the 5ESS.

Please let us know about any surplus/decommissioned Lucent that you have available.


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