TruePulse is looking to purchase NTK616BA circuit packs for the OM 6500 platform.

The NTK616BA, HECI code WOCUA1WKAA / WOCUA1W, is a cross-connect 3200G PKT/OTN Type 2 Circuit Pack.  It supports up to 3200 Gbit/s OTN capacity with ODUk switching granularity. It requires SP-2 circuit packs, that is the NTK555EAE5 or NTK555FAE5.  It is used in 32-slot shelf types, including the NTK603AAE5 and NTK603AB.

In addition to the NTK616BA, TruePulse is interested in purchasing other boards for the Ciena 6500.  Moreover, we also actively looking for circuit boards for other Ciena/Nortel optical transport platforms, such as the FMT-150, OM 5100, the CPL, and the OM 3500.

Please let us know about any surplus Ciena equipment that you have available!


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