TruePulse is looking to purchase NTK540BD and NTK540BE circuit packs for the Ciena 6500 platform.

The NTK540BD, HECI code WOWUBGR/WOWUBGREAA, is a 1 x QSFP-DD/5 x QSFP28, or a 6-Port Premium WaveLogic 5e MOTR.

The NTK540BE is a 1 x QSFP-DD/5 x QSFP28, or a 6-Port Submarine WaveLogic 5e MOTR.

The NTK540BD and NTK540BE are Ciena are muxponders with a single-carrier, coherent transceiver and service channel interface that can transmit and receive 800 Gb/s of data on a single wavelength. They integrate 6 ports (5 QSFP28 + 1 QSFP28/DD) with a programmable 200-800 Gb/s coherent DWDM line interface.

In addition to the NTK540BD and NTK540BE, TruePulse is interested in purchasing other boards for the Ciena 6500.  Moreover, we also actively looking for other Ciena/Nortel optical transport platforms, such as the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE, FMT-150, OM 5100, and the CPL.

Please let us know about any surplus optical transport equipment that you have available!


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