TruePulse is looking for Lucent Galaxy BJD1 circuit boards.  You may also be familiar with the BJD1 under different branding, including Tyco, Alcatel-Lucent, Lineage Systems or GE.

The BJD1, HECI code PWPQAUKAAB / PWPQAUK or PWPQAYB, Comcode 107243826, is the gateway board for the Lucent Galaxy Gateway, part of the GPS (Galaxy Power System) platform.

The Galaxy Gateway is an IP-based data access platform designed for power plant engineering, operation, and maintenance needs when installed in a Galaxy power system with a Galaxy SC, Galaxy SCF, Galaxy Millennium, or Galaxy Vector controller. It provides remote access to display the power plant date through the internet or an enterprise intranet.

In addition to the BJD1, TruePulse is looking for other boards for the Lucent Galaxy platform.  We are also interested in circuit packs for other Alcatel-Lucent systems including: the DACS IV, the LambdaUnite 1675 MSS, the AnyMedia Access System and the 5ESS.

Please let us know about any surplus or decommissioned Lucent that you have available.

Lucent Galaxy

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