TruePulse would like to purchase 739H14 and 739H16 modules for the ALCATEL-LUCENT FT-2000.

The 739H14, HECI code SN54B0G, Comcode 108620840, is an ALCATEL-LUCENT FT-2000 OC-48 Transmitter (STS1 1.5 mm W14).  You may possibly be familiar with it as an AT&T 739H14, Lucent 739H14, or even a Nokia 739H14.

The 739H16, HECI code SN54B0J, Comcode 108620881, is an ALCATEL-LUCENT FT-2000 OC-48 Transmitter (STS1 1.5 mm W16).  You may possibly be familiar with it as an AT&T 739H16, Lucent 739H16, or even a Nokia 739H16.

There are a total of 16 OC-48 Transmitter circuit packs (STS-1 OC-12c 1.5 STD).  They are for non-OLS compatible, passive DWDM systems.  Less frequently, we are asked for the other wavelengths too: 739H1, 739H2, 739H3, 739H4, 739H5, 739H6, 739H7, 739H8, 739H9, 739H10, 739H11, 739H12, 739H13, and 739H15.

Passive DWDM systems are used in short span fiber exhaust applications. The 839E5, HECI code SNR14Y0, receiver must be used at the other end of the span.

In addition to the 739H14 and 739H16, TruePulse is looking for other ALCATEL-LUCENT FT-2000 modules as well.  Furthermore, we are looking for cards for other ALCATEL-LUCENT systems as well, including the Galaxy Power System, the DACS IV 1/3 Cross-Connect, the LambdaUnite Multi-Service Switch and the AnyMedia Access System.  In brief, we are interested in most ALCATEL-LUCENT Central Office telco equipment.


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