Inventory Alert: TruePulse has just received a large shipment of Ciena OME6500 equipment. Some of you may remember that platform as the Nortel OME6500. Cards arriving include NTK516BAE5, NTK533AAE5, NTK535LAE5, NTK539PDE5, NTK543NAE5, NTK544NAE5, NTK555ABE5, and NTK557GA. With a PO by noon Eastern Time, we can ship the same day. All items come with a TruePulse warranty.  Please contact us for pricing.

By the way, we are actively looking to purchase various Ciena OME6500 modules, including NTK525CAE5, NTK525CFE5, NTK539PAE5, NTK539PCE5, NTK539TCE5, NTK539TDE5, NTK539UBE5, NTK539UHE5, NTK543CAE5, NTK553FAE5 and NTK555FAE5.  Please let us know if you have any surplus.

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