Do you have extra Fujitsu FlashWave FC9580GLL5 or FC9580SF31 modules?  TruePulse is looking to purchase these and other Fujitsu modules for FlashWave 4500, previously called Flash2400 ADX Systems.

The FC9580GLL5 is a 2-port GBE 1310nm Long Reach Interface Unit (LCAS), IFA2-GLL5.  It has a Heci code of SOUIAUZ.

The FC9580SF31 is a 300G STS Switch Fabric Matrix Unit, SFA2-SF31.  Heci codes are SOUCAAP, SOUCABU, SOUCACF or SOUCAED.

Other FlashWave 4500 cards of interest include:

  • FC9580L8C3 OC-48 Interface Unit, IFA2-L8C3; SOUIAKC
  • FC9580L8B3 OC-48 Dual-port 1310nm Short Range Interface Unit; SOUIAKB
  • FC9580S8C1 1550nm FBTL 88 Wave Lengths; SOUIA6W
  • FC9580FLX6 2-port 100Base-X Interface; SOUIA5B

For more details on the FlashWave 4500

We are also searching for modules for other Fujitsu optical transport platforms, including the FlashWave 9500.  Please let us know what you have available.