TruePulse is looking to purchase 739C2 and 39B2 modules for a Lucent FT-2000.

The 739C2, HECI SNRTEED (and multiple Comcodes) is a FT-2000 OC-48 Transmitter. 

The 39B2, HECI SNPQAVE (and multiple Comcodes) is a FT-2000 SONET Regenerator.

The 739C2 and 39B2 are part of the FT-2000 ADR (Add/Drop Rings) is a lightwave long haul transport OC48 SONET/SDH multiplexer.  The systems may also be known as AT&T FT-2000, Lucent FT-2000, Alcatel-Lucent FT-2000 or even the Nokia FT-2000.  Nokia provides only limited support for this product, it has been discontinued.

More information on the FT-2000 is available.

TruePulse is looking for other FT-2000 modules as well, in addition to modules from other Alcatel-Lucent optical transport platforms such as the CBX500 and the Alcatel–Lucent 1665 DMX platform. Please let us know what you have available.


Updated August 25, 2020

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