Ciena announces several new applications that tie their existing products together into their new Liquid Spectrum platform.

Supported by Ciena’s Blue Planet software platform, WaveLogic Ai tunable coherent optics, and a reconfigurable photonic layer, Liquid Spectrum assist in the dynamic allocation of bandwidth to meet real-time needs. It will support open interfaces for high-performance telemetry at both the software and hardware level.

The first release of Liquid Spectrum will provide software applications including:

  • Performance Meter helps operators proactively ensure optimal system performance by providing access, for the first time, to real-time, accurate planning data for both the existing hardware and new planned services.
  • Bandwidth Optimizer uses customer-defined service policies and suggests the ideal capacity, hardware configuration and spectral placement for any channel, across any
  • Liquid Restoration can automatically dial capacity up to preserve service availability.
  • Wave-Line Synchronizer, which automates wavelength provisioning across multiple vendors’ gear. This functionality is provided to equipment managed by Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) platform, their network management and orchestration suite.

According to Steve Alexander, Ciena’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, “There was a time when network operators could easily predict their network traffic demands and capacity needs at any given time. But we’ve entered a new world with new rules where networks are more complex and mobile and cloud applications can disrupt overnight. With Liquid Spectrum, we are sharing our full vision and blueprint for the way future optical networks should be built to tackle the challenges of the next 10 years and beyond.”

Other vendors are also working hard to provide dymanic bandwidth allocation, including Infinera with their Xceed Software Suite, Nokia with Network Services Platform (NSP) from and Coriant with Transcend.

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