The first day at the Canadian Telecom Summit 2015 had a great group of speakers.

The very first speaker, Nitin Kawale, President of Enterprise Business of Rogers spoke about productivity. Specifically Canada really lags in this area. Based on the Conference Board of Canada’s analysis , we ranked 13 of 16th amongst our peer group. This may sound like economist-speak. But it’s important. As other countries productivity exceeds ours, they can catch up and overtake our standard of living.

Nitin drew many examples showing how our technology investment is behind other countries. On the mobile front, he believe that most individuals are far more advanced ability to deploy productivity enhancing tools and apps than are businesses. Individual use it fare more in their personal lives than for business.  Why?

There may be skepticism on the part of some businesses as to whether an investment in wireless mobile apps will lead to productivity growth. But we need to try. Our standard of living depends on it.

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