TruePulse is looking for Lucent, or Alcatel-Lucent, or Nokia LNW59 for purchase. LNW59, HECI SOUIBNE, OC-192 OLIU is a two-port, high-speed VLF Main circuit pack used in the 1665 DMX Metropolis Access Multiplexor.

Also searching for other 1665 DMX parts including: LNW82 SOUIAW3, OC-48 Multi-Rate Optical Circuit Interface; LNW84 SOUIAW4, OC-48 Multi-Rate Optical Circuit Interface; LNW57 SOI4DE0, OC-192 LR OLIU with Tone Circuitry; LNW62 SOUIAB5, 4-port OC-48 circuit pack; LNW555 SOI9DBA, OC-192 LR OLIU; LNW20 SOOMABD, 48-port DS-3 TransMux; LNW55 SOUIAV1, 12-port Multi-Rate card.

The 1665 Data Multiplexer (DMX) integrates Ethernet, storage area network (SAN) and SONET functionality into a high-capacity, compact platform. This combination enables multiservice growth for service providers from traditional voice/private line services to a hybrid mix of voice/private line, data/packet and SAN transmission services. The 1665 DMX shares common software and many interfaces with its compact companion product, the Alcatel-Lucent 1665 DMXtend.

Unfortunately, the Nokia web site does not have information on the 1665 DMX platform

Please let us know what Lucent 1665 DMX Metropolis boards you have available.

1665 DMX Metropolis Access Multiplexor

Lucent LNW67

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