We recently received these four Nortel NTLX44AA into stock. The NTLX44AA is a sync card for the Nortel, or really now Genband MG-4000 /Media Gateway-4000.

Used in conjunction with the DMS switch, the MG4000 spans TDM and ATM domains by accepting TDM trunk signaling and translating the output into ATM formats. The TDM-to-packet gateway can reduce tandem/transit trunking congestion and help lower network operating costs. This gateway uses open system interfaces, offering both high-speed (OC-3/STS-1) and low-speed (DS-1) access, with an OC-3c interface to the ATM switching fabric.

Sorry, but these NTLX44AA are sold. We are trying to get some more. If you need some, let us know as soon as possible.

Nortel NTLX44AA

Nortel NTLX44AA

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