TruePulse would like to purchase NTK513GAE5 and NTK538BJ for the Ciena 6500.

The NTK513GAE5, HECI code WMUIAKR, is an 16xOC-3/12 4×48 VT1.5/LO SFP for a Ciena 6500.  You may also be familiar with it as a Nortel NTK513GAE5 (or NTK513GA) for an OM6500.  For all supported MSPP (Multi-service provisioning platform) circuit packs in 14-slot shelf types, SONET/SDH cross-connect circuit packs are required in slots 7 and 8.  This circuit pack is supported in a 14-slot packet-optical shelf type (NTK503SA) only when the shelf is equipped with 240G+ STS-1/VC-3 (NTK557EAE5) or 240G+/80G VT1.5/VC12 (NTK557GAE5) cross-connect circuit packs.

The NTK538BJ, HECI code WOTRD0H, is a 100G MOTR WaveLogic 3n Extended C-Band 10X SFP+ Circuit Pack, for a Ciena 6500.  In other words, it’s an Optical Transponder.  You may also be familiar with it as a Nortel NTK538BJ for an OM6500. Note that high flow cooling fan modules (NTK507LDE5, NTK507MDE5 or Type 3 variants NTK507LS, NTK507MS) are required with high performance circuit packs including the NTK538BJ.

TruePulse is searching for other Ciena 6500 modules too.  We are looking for modules from other Ciena systems too, such as the CoreStream long-haul DWDM transport system and the Optera Metro 5100/5200

Updated April 28, 2020

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