TruePulse is looking to purchase 29G-U for the Lucent DDM-2000.  You may also be familiar with the board as the Alcatel-Lucent 29G-U, or even the Nokia 29G-U.

The 29G-U, HECI code SNRXD70, is an OLIU 1310 nm long reach OC-12 circuit pack for the Lucent DDM-2000.  OC-12 interface supports span lengths up to 51 km, assuming 0.45 dB/km single-mode fiber (including splices) and adhering to Lucent’s span engineering rules.  It uses a DFB laser, and scrambed NRZ optical line coding. 

Limited information is available on the DDM-2000 can be found at the Nokia documentation portal.

Not only are we searching for Lucent DDM-2000 boards, we are searching for boards for many of the Lucent optical networking platforms, including the FT-2000, OLS400G/800G and the DACS IV.

29G-U SNRXD70 for Lucent DDM-2000
29G-U SNRXD70 for Lucent DDM-2000

Updated September 4, 2020

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