TruePulse is searching for NTNY45AA for the Nortel Media Gateway 9000, or MG 9000.  The MG 9000 is a Nortel Carrier Class VoIP system.

The NTNY45AA, HECI code VAUCAAC, Data Control card (with OC-3c WAN or OC-3 Channelized) is an interface slot for traffic and element control to the ATM network.  Provisioned in pairs for redundancy with a maximum of one pair on each shelf.  When present, it makes the shelf a Master shelf.  This replaces the OC3 ATM Card (NTNP36BA) from SN05 onwards.

The NTNY45AA was replaced by NTNY45CA from SN07 onwards.

TruePulse is also looking for other Nortel Media Gateway modules as well.  Furthermore, we are looking for modules for other Nortel platforms as well, including the OM 6500, S/DMS TransportNode OC-3/OC-12 system, and the Optera 3500

The voice business of Nortel was sold to Genband, which was acquired by Ribbon Communications. We are not certain, how much, if any, support Ribbon Communications is offering Nortel MG 9000 customers.

Nortel NTLX44AA

Updated July 4, 2020

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