TruePulse is looking to acquire Ciena CNX-5 modules CNXA002AB and CNXA001AC.  You may possibly be familiar with them as the Catena CNXA002AB and the Catena CNXA001AC.

The Ciena CNX-5 provides DSL capabilities to Lucent SLC Series 5 (SLC-5) Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs). 

The CNXA002AB, HECI code 5SL1EF0, is the ATM Mux Channel Unit, or ECTU. It is an ATM Fabric Card used in the T1 Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA) configuration of the Ciena CNX-5 Broadband DSL system. The ECTU replaces the legacy Channel Test Unit (CTU) to provide ATM switching, traffic management, and network interface functions, while preserving legacy CTU functionality.

The CNXA001AC, HECI code 5SSL1FGD, is the POTS DSL Channel Unit, or ECU.  The ECU is a simple, card-for-card, plug-and-play replacement of the legacy POTS channel unit that provides full POTS and DSL capability.  The ECU can be installed in any slot of the SLC-5. Full carrier-grade POTS service is available as soon as the ECU card is inserted. DSL service can be provisioned the same way as typical DSL service from a DSLAM. ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ services are available.

We are also looking for the CNXA204AA, HECI code VAI2AAM, GigE SFP Transceiver Module.  See other CNX-5 modules of interest

TruePulse buys and sells surplus and used telecom equipment.  In addition to the Ciena CNX-5 / Lucent SLC-5 line, we are interested in other Ciena and other Lucent products too.  Please tell us what you have available. 

For more information on Catena Networks

Catena Networks
CNX-5 cards in a SLC-5

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