We have received a few more Newmar 48-1000RM available for sale.  These rackmount inverters provide seamless back-up power for AC powered communications equipment from the site’s 48 or 24 VDC battery system. Newmar refers to them as a “Pure Sine Wave Inverter”.

Newmar is currently marketing the 48-1U-1000RM. What is the difference with the 48-1000RM? Scanning the on-line manuals, they are functionally the same. However, mechanically, they are different. The 48-1U-1000RM is 1U in height (19″L x 1.71″H x 13.6″D) and weighs 12.7 lbs. The 48-1000RM is 2U in height (17.32″L x 3.46″H x 11.91″D) and weights 15.4 lbs. So if you need to save that extra 1U of height in your equipment rack, you will need to pay more for the Newmar 48-1U-1000RM.

Our Newmar 48-1000RM are NEW in the box, although the boxes were opened.  The price is only $990/ea plus shipping.  They come with a 90-day warranty from TruePulse.  But you say, the mega-colossus Walmart was selling them for $5,000 each! (as of July 15, 2020, they no longer sell it on their web site).

You must be thinking that something is fishy with our price.  How can we possibly offer a new product for a fraction of the price of Walmart?

Well, these Newmar 48-1000RM were purchased by a Service Provider for a project that was never implemented.  The items became surplus, and we bought them at a reasonable price.  Hence, we can offer them to you at this incredible deal.  Just please don’t tell Walmart!

TruePulse buys and sells decommissioned and surplus telecom gear, including Nortel, Lucent and Fujitsu.  Please contact us for all your telecom needs.

Updated April 16, 2021

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