TruePulse is looking for Newbridge 90-4452-49 and 90-4905-26.  They may also be known as the Alcatel 7270 / 7470 platforms. 

The 90-4452-49 is a Newbridge Mainstreet Control Card.  It implements the control complex functions of the node, including call processing, PNNI, and data spooling. The Control Card provides two RS-232 ports for node management (local and/or remote NMTI), and one Ethernet 10BaseT interface port for network management system access. One card is required for non-redundant operation, and two cards for redundancy per 7270 system. This card must be installed in Control Card slots only. This card is delivered with R5.0 software and with an enhanced Processor Module (ePM). Each control card must be used in conjunction with a hub card (90-4453-03).  This card may also be known as the Alcatel 90-4452-49 or Alcatel-Lucent 90-4452-49. 

The 90-4905-26-C or just 90-4905-26, HECI code BA3A7A7, is a Newbridge Mainstreet 7470 MSP OC3-2 R4.3 card.  It is a Cell Relay Card, OC3-2M IR w/CPU-2 R4.3.  This card may also be known as the Alcatel 90-4905-26 or Alcatel-Lucent 90-4905-26. 

Nokia no longer supports Newbridge.

In addition to the 90-4452-49 and 90-4905-26, TruePulse is looking for other modules for the Newbridge/Alcatel 7270 / 7470 platform.  We also buy and sell modules for other Alcatel platforms including the LS-2000/LS-2012, the 7300 ASAM and the 1830 PSS.  What do you have available?

Updated August 4, 2020

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