TruePulse is looking to purchase Tellabs 81.717271 and Tellabs 81.717273 for the 7100 Nano platform.  You may also be familiar with these products as the Coriant 81.717271 and Coriant 81.717273, or even the Infinera 81.717271 and Infinera 81.717273.

The Tellabs 7100 Nano Optical Transport Systems (OTS) brings integrated optical networking and Ethernet switching technology to the edge of the network with a range of service modules. Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS is also capable of operating as an Optical Line Amplifier (OLA) and a node for reconfigurable or fixed optical add/drop of up to 88 wavelengths (supporting up to 4 fiber degrees for junction nodes). The Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS uses a 5RU shelf equipped including all the necessary deployment hardware – power feeds, fiber trough, fans and management connections.

TruePulse is currently looking to purchase:

  • The Tellabs 81.717271, HECI code WOOMAC3, is a 7100N Colorless Core Module IR circuit board
  • The Tellabs 81.717273, HECI code WOOMAC4, is a 7100N Colorless Core Module LR circuit board

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TruePulse buys and sells surplus Central Office telecom equipment from vendors including Tellabs, Nortel and Fujitsu.

Tellabs Titan

Updated May 7, 2020

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