TruePulse would like to purchase 81.71M-HGTM-R5 and 81.71123C cards for the Tellabs 7100.

The 81.71M-HGTM-R5, HECI code WOWUBAK, is an HGTM (Hierarchical Generative Topographical Mapping) card, or a 100G Transponder card for the Tellabs 7100 OTN (Optical Transport System) and Nano.  It may also be known as the Coriant 81.71M-HGTM-R5 or the Infinera 81.71M-HGTM-R5.

The 81.71123C, HECI code WMOGAMF, is a Line Output Amplifier Module – Enhanced 88 Channel (LOAM-E88).  It is used as part of the reconfigurable, directionless add/drop terminal feature supported with 7100 Optical Transport System FP6.0.x and up.  It may also be known as the Coriant 81.71123C or Infinera 81.71123C.

The 7100 Series is supported by a wide range of Intelligent Services Modules (ISMs). These ISM modules include high-density 10G transponders, a 10G muxponder/ADM, 100G transponders and muxponder/ADMs, OTN switching, SONET/SDH switching, and packet switching.

In addition to these Tellabs 7100 modules, we are looking for other modules too.  We are also interested in modules for other Tellabs optical platforms including the 8800 and the Tellabs Titan 5500.

Tellabs Titan

Updated April 27, 2020

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