TruePulse is currently looking to purchase Alcatel-Lucent 8DG59827AA and Alcatel-Lucent 8DG61279AA for the 1830 PSS.  These parts may also be known as the Nokia 8DG59827AA and Nokia 8DG61279AA.

The 8DG59827AA, HECI code WOTRBVZ or WOTRCHA, CWR8-88, is a 8-Channel Colorless Wavelength Router – 88 Channel module.

The 8DG61279AA, 130SCX10, is a 130SCX10 100G Mux, 10CL, SDFEC Coherent module.

The 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) packet optical platforms support multiple transport network applications including: multiservice metro transport and aggregation, optical core/long-haul deployments and photonic switching configurations supporting colorless, directionless, contentionless with Flexgrid (CDC-F) wavelength routing.

The 1830 PSS portfolio provides terabit OTN switching and photonics capacities. The Photonic Service Engine (PSE) enables high-performance 100G and an evolutionary path to 400G transport. It incorporates an intelligent control plane and integrated data, control and management planes.

In addition to the 1830 PSS, TruePulse is interested in modules from other Alcatel-Lucent platforms as well, such as DEXCS Cross-Connect, the FT-2000 optical transport system and the 5ESS Class-5 Switch.


Updated May 7, 2020

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