TruePulse is searching for a FC9685CX00 for the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7420.

The FC9685CX00, HECI code WOCUAWB, is a Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7420 Channel Processor, code 2WCC-PCN-10G.  Also alternately known by 1063761000-01.

The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7420 is a Metro/Enterprise WDM Platform suited for applications such as triple play services including VOD, high-performance computing and Storage Area Networks (SANs).  The hardware design of the FLASHWAVE 7420 platform, coupled with the benefits of WDM technology, enables the system to support point-to-point, linear add/drop and ring topologies across fixed and reconfigurable networks.

The FLASHWAVE 7420 system comprises a rack-mountable shelf and hot-swappable modules. The result is high density and efficiency across numerous protocols including Ethernet, SONET/SDH, G.709 OTN, ATM, video and the common SAN protocols.

In addition to the FC9685CX00, we are looking for other Fujitsu modules too, including ones for the FLASHWAVE 9500, the FLASH-192, FLASHWAVE 4500 and the FLASHWAVE 7500.  Please let us know what you have available!


Updated November 12, 2020

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