TruePulse would like to purchase a second-hand Fujikura ARCMaster FSM-100P.

The Fujikura ARCMaster FSM-100P is a fusion splicer.  Incorporating a “Split V-groove” to allow more flexibility in controlling the plasma zone. It has an Enhanced Sweep Arc, that moves both L and R fibers together. It supports PM Fiber Splicing. It has multiple types of arc calibrations for 125 micron and LDF. Its features include:

Split v-groove clamping system

Plasma zone fiber positioning


IPA Alignment method for PM fibers

Zero degree fiber handling for LDF

Fiber profile memory function

Short cleave length capability

PANDA Splice mode

Ergonomic design

Dual-user selectable display

LCD Monitors

Internet firmware updates

Your FSM-100P may be branded AFL Global.  We are also interested in the FSM100P+ or the LAZERMaster LZM-100L.  If you no longer need your fusion splicer, please let us know.

In addition to the Fujikura ARCMaster FSM-100P, TruePulse buys and sells optical transport and test equipment from many vendors, including Lucent, Ciena, Alcatel and Nortel

Fujikura ArcMaster FSM-100P

Updated November 12, 2020

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