TruePulse is looking to source LNW170 modules for the Lucent 1665 DMX.  You may also be familiar with it as an Alcatel-Lucent LNW170, or a Nokia LNW170.

The LNW170, HECI number SOUIAWH, is a 1665 GB Ethernet POS Ring Card. 

The LNW170 circuit packs provide four 1000BASE-X (SX, LX, and/or ZX- very long reach 80km), IEEE 802.3-compliant (1000Mbps) GbE interfaces and four 100BASE-ZX/LX/FX IEEE 802.3-compliant (100 Mbps) fast Ethernet interfaces. The LNW170 circuit packs provide Ethernet private line or switched services, with QoS. Protection is provided via SONET UPSR/BLSR or through the IEEE 802.1w (or 802.1d) spanning tree algorithm.

The LNW170 can also use electrical PTMs that are provisionable to support either 100BASE-T or 1000BASE-T traffic. The electrical PTMs can occupy ports 1−8.

The LNW170 is an unprotected pack by default. Alcatel-Lucent 1665 DMX supports link aggregation on LNW170 LAN ports, which can be used to provide facility protection. The LNW170 can also support aggregation across LNW170 circuit packs.

In addition to the LNW170, we are searching for other Lucent DMX 1665 modules too.  We are also looking for modules for many other Lucent platforms, such as DACS IV, the 5ESS, the OLS 400G and the DDM-2000.


Updated November 12, 2020

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