TruePulse is looking to purchase Lucent WP51B circuit packs.

The WP51B, HECI code S9LI60F, Comcode 106244544, is a Lucent LIU-TIPH circuit pack. 

Lucent was established on September 30, 1996, through the divestiture of the former AT&T Technologies business unit of AT&T Corp, which included Western Electric and Bell Labs.  So your WP51B is likely branded AT&T.  Lucent was later acquired by Alcatel, which itself was later acquired by Nokia.  But I do not believe any Alcatel-Lucent nor Nokia-branded WP51B were manufactured.

In addition to the WP51B, TruePulse is looking for other AT&T/Lucent modules including the ALD20, the FT-2000, the WaveStar OLS 400G, and the 1665 DMX.  Please send us an email to let us know about any surplus AT&T or Lucent optical transport equipment that you have.

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Updated November 10, 2020

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