Lumentum Holdings Inc

Lumentum Holdings Inc. is launching an optical SDN-enabled whitebox platform for data center and metro/edge DWDM transport applications. The products consist of configurable rack-mountable optical whiteboxes with modules for terminal amplifiers, line amplifiers, mux/demuxes, and ROADMs.

As outlined in a previous blog, Ethernet white box sales for the data centers have been making steady progress.  NTT has been one optical vendor that has been making an investment to facilitate bringing the same cost-advantages of whiteboxes to the optical domain.  Lumentum is now delivering on the hardware.

“SDN and programmable networks offer the promise of accelerating service turn-up and pace of innovation, with benefits throughout the value chain,” said Doug Alteen, vice president, product line management, Telecom.

Lumentum’s family of optical whiteboxes consists of:

  • The terminal amplifier whitebox and its associated mux/demux form the endpoints of a transport link.
  • A passive mux/demux is a passive element that provides the entry/exit point for data transmission channels.
  • The line amplifier whitebox is used to extend system reach beyond the single span limit of the terminal amplifier whitebox.
  • The ROADM whitebox wavelength selective switch for meshed networks.

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