TruePulse is looking to purchase 81.71L-HDTG2-R6 and 81.71T-C100LR4-R6 for the Tellabs 7100. But you alternately be familiar with the 81.71L-HDTG2-R6 and 81.71T-C100LR4-R6 under the Coriant or Infinera brands.

The 81.71L-HDTG2-R6, which can be any of HECI codes WOWUBAV, WOWUBDY or WOWUBE9, is a Tellabs 7100 10G or High-Density Transponder Card.

The 81.71T-C100LR4-R6, HECI code WOTRCUC, sometimes goes with the alternate part number TRC5E21FNF-LL300, is a Tellabs 7100 100G BASE-LR4 CFP.

The 7100 Series is supported by a wide range of Intelligent Services Modules (ISMs). These ISM modules include high-density 10G transponders, a 10G muxponder/ADM, 100G transponders and muxponder/ADMs, OTN switching, SONET/SDH switching, and packet switching.

In addition to the 81.71L-HDTG2-R6 and 81.71T-C100LR4-R6, TruePulse is searching for other Tellabs 7100 modules too. We are also searching for modules for the Tellabs platforms, including the 8860/8840 and the Titan 5500.  If you have any surplus Tellabs, please send us an email.


Updated April 1, 2022

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