TruePulse would like to source AWN2, T3PQAU5 and T3PQAU6 for the Lucent DACS III.

The AWN2, HECI code T3PQAGA, is a Lucent DACS III PRIMARY 3 STG.

The T3PQAU5, or T3PQAU5AAA, Comcode 849154505, is a DACS III PRI3-B or Primary 3B Disk Drive

The T3PQAU6, or T3PQAU6AAA, Comcode 849154539, is a  DACS III Secondary Disk Drive

The DACS III, developed by AT&T, rebranded DACS III-2000 by Lucent, was amalgamated by Alcatel-Lucent, and then Nokia. It is a Digital Access and Cross-Connect System that provides clear channel switching at either the DS3 (electrical) or the STS-1 (optical) rates, eliminating the need for manual DSXs.  In the industry, it is also known as a 3/3 cross-connect.

In addition to the AWN2, T3PQAU5 and T3PQAU6, TruePulse is interested in other DACS III modules.  We are also interested in modules to other Lucent platforms, including the DACS IV (a 3/1 cross-connect), the Metropolis DMX, the 5ESS and the FT-2000.  Please let us know about any Lucent central office equipment that you have available.


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