TruePulse is searching for Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 4500 FC9580SF41 and FC9580C9B1. 

The FC9580SF41, HECI code SOUCAEE, is an STS switch fabric, SFA2-SF41.

The FC9580C9B1, HECI code SNW2CWG, is an OC-192 short-reach (1310 nm) interface unit with SC connectors, IFA2-C9B1.

The FLASHWAVE 4500 system enables flexible management and cost-effective transport of Ethernet services. Packet transport efficiency is optimized by utilizing features such as VCAT, LCAS, & RPR. The platform’s Trunking Port (TPORT) function can efficiently aggregate multiple VLAN and EoS WAN services onto a single GbE LAN facility. This capability is can be used for applications that require Ethernet aggregation, such as wireless backhaul. TPORT functionality also reduces routers/switch ports, external cabling and FLASHWAVE 4500 system interface ports. Optional redundant GbE hand-offs provide facility and module protection for mission-critical applications.

TruePulse is also interested in other Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 4500 boards.  We are searching for other Fujitsu boards such as the FLASHWAVE 9500 and FLASH-192 platforms too.

Detailed information on the Fujitsu FlashWave 4500 can be found at

Fujitsu FC9580SF31

Updated June 1, 2020

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