TruePulse would like to purchase a FC9686M431 card for a Fujitsu FlashWave 7120.

The FC9686M431, HECI code WOWUA8F, or preferably WOWUBD1, is a FW7120 Enhanced Dual 10G Multiprotocol Transponder circuit pack.

The Fujitsu FlashWave 7120 Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform, provides bandwidth, aggregation, and intelligent services to the network edge. It is a compact solution that blends Carrier Ethernet 2.0 E-LINE and E-LAN data services with FOADM and ROADM scaling, offering transport capacity up to 400G (40 x 10G). Key functionality includes:

  • Convergence of WDM, Optical Transport Network (OTN), Carrier Ethernet, and SONET/SDH Packet Optical Networking Platform with 4D ROADM in a small footprint
  • 10G data network scaling using the FOADM or ROADM
  • Seamless Ethernet services access and aggregation for the FlashWave 5300 product family
  • Optical metro access and edge WDM networking

The Fujitsu FlashWave 7120 has a physically small footprint.  It is available in three form factors: a 7RU aggregator hub, a 2RU compact aggregator, and a 1RU passive shelf.

In addition to the FC9686M431, we are interested in other modules for the Fujitsu FW7120.  But we are looking for modules for many other Fujitsu optical platforms as well, including the FW 9500, the FLASH-192, FW 4500 and the FW7500.  Please let us know about any surplus or used FlashWave that you have for sale.


Updated November 10, 2020

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