TruePulse is looking for WWAC32 and WWBQ22 for the Alcatel-Lucent 1625 LambdaXtreme.  You may also be familiar with them as the Lucent LambdaXtreme WWAC32 and WWBQ22, or even the Nokia 1625 WWAC32 and WWBQ22.

The WWAC32, HECI code WOOMABK, Comcode 109608505, is 32-Channel Optical MUX circuit pack, OM 50GHz Offset, for an Alcatel-Lucent 1625 LambdaXtreme.

The WWBQ22, HECI code WOOMADS, Comcode 109652347, is 40GB Optical Transponder, OT 40G LAN PHY MUX 100G Offset, for an Alcatel-Lucent 1625 LambdaXtreme.

The Alcatel-Lucent 1625 LambdaXtreme is a long-haul, high-capacity, backbone DWDM transport solution. It is characterized by:

• Fully transparent transponders and high-capacity ROADM that are transparent to express traffic

• Degree 3/4 ROADM/wireless crossconnect (WXC) support

• Integrated 10G/40G system supporting Ultra Long Haul: 4000+ km 10G reach and 2500+ km 40G reach

• Ultra-high capacity: 3.2 Tb/s (64 10G channels and 64 40G channels)

• Multirate multireach client interfaces: 2.5G to 40G, including transparent multiplexing; G.709 and 10G Ethernet

• 1+1 optical protection

• 100G-ready: 2000 km reach

In addition to the WWAC32 and WWBQ22, we are looking for modules for multiple other Alcatel-Lucent platforms, such as the 5ESS, the 1540, the WP51B and the 1830 PSAM.  Please let us know what you have available.


Updated November 10, 2020

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