TruePulse has recently received into stock NTCA01MK and NTCA01NK for the Nortel Optera Connect DX platform, or a Nortel Optera LH1600.  They are available for sale!

The NTCA01MK, HECI code SNT3F03, is an OC-192/STM64 Transmitter 1528.77nm +/- for the Optera Connect DX.  You may also be familiar with it as a Ciena NTCA01MK.

The NTCA01NK, HECI code SNT5MES, is an OC-192/STM64 Transmitter 1531.90nm +/- for the Opera Connect DX.  You may also be familiar with it as a Ciena NTCA01NK.

The OPTera Connect DX optical switch provides bandwidth and connection management capabilities with grooming capability down to the STS-1/VC4 level. This platform also supports termination of multiple four-fiber and two-fiber BLSR/MS-SPRing rings or UPSR/SNCP rings. Mixed BLSR/MS-SPRing, UPSR/SNCP, 1+1, and 0:1 configurations are also supported.  It supports integrated DWDM interfaces, enhanced interface density, and Head-End-Ring-Switching (HERS). Furthermore, the TL-1 gateway feature available on the OPTera Connect DX optical switch allows subtending network elements, including non-Nortel Networks equipment, to be remotely managed through the OPTera Connect DX to simplify network management.

In addition to the NTCA01MK and NTCA01NK, TruePulse stocks many (most?) other wavelengths of Transmitter for the Optera Connect DX.  If you are looking to obtain a specific wavelength, or have any surplus wavelengths, please let us know. Furthermore, we are looking for modules to other Nortel platforms, such as the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE, the FD-565, the OME 6500 and the DMS-100.


Updated November 10, 2020

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