TruePulse would like to source NTK538BL and NTK538EL circuit packs for the Ciena 6500 platform

The NTK538BL, HECI code WOTRDNS / WOTRDNSFAA, is a 100G MOTR WaveLogic 3n Standard (Extended) C-Band 10xSFP+. The NTK538BL can only support 4ASK modulation format. Note that high flow cooling fan modules (NTK507LDE5, NTK507MDE5 or Type 3 variants NTK507LS, NTK507MS) are required with high performance circuit packs including the NTK538BL.

The NTK538EL, HECI code WOWUBEA / WOWUBEAEAA, is a 100G OTR WaveLogic 3n Standard C-Band 1 x QSFP28 Circuit Pack, for a Ciena 6500.  In other words, it’s an Optical Transponder.  The NTK538EL only supports 4ASK modulation format.  The 100G WL3N (WaveLogic 3-Nano) OTR card is an optical transponder and service channel interface that incorporates a 100G client with a 100G line interface together on a single-slot CP. 

In addition to the Ciena NTK538BL and NTK538EL, we are also searching for other Ciena 6500 modules.  Furthermore, we are looking for modules for other Ciena/Nortel optical transport platforms including the OM3500, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE and the Connect DX/HDX platform.  We will be happy to make an offer on any Ciena optical networking equipment that you have.


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