TruePulse would like to buy surplus NTK538UL and NTK538UM for the Ciena 6500 packet-optical platform.  You may possibly be familiar with them under the previous Nortel OME 6500 brand.

The NTK538UL, HECI code WOWUBAS, 100G WL3 OTR, is a Ciena 6500 100G OTR WaveLogic 3 Standard C-band LR4 Multirate Circuit Pack.  It supports Standard reach (up to 1000 Km). It has a 150 ps PMD limit. The NTK538UL works in the DP-QPSK mode of operation.

The NTK538UM, HECI code WOWUBAT, 100G WL3 OTR, is a Ciena 6500 100G OTR WaveLogic 3 Basic C-band LR4 Multirate Circuit Pack. It supports Basic reach (up to 300 Km. It has a 150 ps PMD limit. The NTK538UM works in the DP-QPSK mode of operation.

The NTK538UL and NTK538UM versions of the 100G WaveLogic 3 OTR circuit packs only support soft differential encoding for the QPSK modulation format.

The Ciena 6500 offers SONET/SDH applications important functionality.  Existing network service provider infrastructure is heavily based on TDM transport, and NSPs will continue to require transport of TDM services during their evolution to a data-centric network. The 6500 provides all the expected SONET functions with excellent densities and flexibility. High density DS1/E1, DS3/E3, EC-1/STS-1 copper interfaces, modular and per port selectable OC-3/STM-1, STM-1e, OC-12/STM-4, OC-48/STM-16 with optional DWDM, and OC-192/STM-64 and OC-768/STM-256 interfaces with optional DWDM provide carriers with a robust service offering and the peace of mind that comes with service forecast tolerance. Per-port selectable protection schemes offer optimum shelf and capital expenditure efficiency and flexibility in the restoration schemes as well as service level agreements being offered.  Unrestricted bandwidth management capabilities on the cross connect result in a more efficient use of the optical network and prevent premature overlays of equipment that result from limited grooming capabilities.

In addition to the NTK538UL and NTK538UM, TruePulse is searching for multiple other circuit packs for the Ciena 6500.  We are also interested in Ciena circuit packs to other platforms, including the OM 3500, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE, the CoreStream and the Optera Connect DX.  We would consider any and all Ciena/Nortel that you may have.


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