TruePulse is searching for Tollgrade TLGD-DMU/M and TLGD-DMUPLUS-L units.

The DigiTest Measurement Node (DMN) is a modular, environmentally hardened test head designed for testing Central Office (CO) and Remote Terminal (RT)-fed copper facilities.  Digital Measurement Units (DMU) and Digital Wideband Units fit into the DMN.

The TLGD-DMU/M-I2-L3, HECI code LMCCBA0, is a Tollgrade DigiTest Measurement Unit (DMU) with a modem.

The TLGD-DMUPLUS-L-I4, HECI code LMCCFGN, is a Tollgrade DigiTest Measurement Unit Plus with Loop Insertion Loss (DMU+ w/LIL). The “Plus” includes features such as multiple communication methods within a single unit such as TCP/IP Ethernet, Analog dial-up and RS-232.  The LIL is used for accurate DSL pre-qualification through the existing Class 5 switch infrastructure.

For those who are interested, we currently have in stock the older Tollgrade DigiTest Measurement Unit (DMU), 900-0142-000001, HECI code LMCCBA0.

The Tollgrade product platform is owned by Enghouse Networks.

TruePulse buys and sells Central Office telecommunication and test equipment from Tollgrade, Fujikura, Lucent and Ciena.  Please let us know how we can serve you.

Tollgrade DigiTest DMU
Tollgrade DigiTest DMU

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