TruePulse would like to purchase ASU1 and SM86C modules for the Lucent SLC-96.  It is possible that you may also be familiar with them as the Alcatel-Lucent ASU1 and Alcatel-Lucent SM86C, or even the Nokia ASU1 and Nokia SM86C.

The ASU1, HECI code S9CPC0V, is a SLC-96/PSC-96 ALM SURP

The SM86C, HECI code S9TC2GA, Comcode 108274747, is a SLC-96 PR GN TEST CONTROLLER.

The SLC-96 is a digital subscriber carrier system. It uses two unique channel banks: one located in the central office to interface to the local switching machine, and the other located remotely in the vicinity of a group of subscribers. Through the use of different channel units, is can provide message telephone service, coin service, special services, and data services. For digital transmission, it interfaces to standard Tl lines or optical fibers. The SLC-96 is based on the D4 channel bank, and many of D4 carrier’s channel units can be used in it.

The SLC-96 can carry up to 96 subscriber channels, when fully equipped, between a Central Office Terminal (COT) and a Remote Terminal (RT), using T1 digital lines. The system employs μ255 pulse code modulation (PCM) for voice transmission and, as a result, will allow the direct interface of the RT with a digital central office. Maintenance features include channel and drop testing from a local test desk; single-ended, active, T1 fault-locating; automatic T1 line protection; extensive local and remote alarm displays; and outputs that can be transmitted to a remote operations center such as the Switching Control Center (SCC). The channel and drop testing scheme requires a Pair Gain Test Controller (PGTC) to be installed in each wire center containing one or more SLC-96 systems. The SLC-96 supports extended range channel units, remote T1 line power feed, and a variety of RT enclosures.

In addition to the ASU1 and SM86C, we are looking for other SLC-96 modules too.  Furthermore, we are interested in modules for other Alcatel-Lucent platforms including the 5ESS, the DACS IV, the DCSS 240E and the DACS III.  In fact, please let us know about any surplus Alcatel-Lucent Central Office telecom equipment that you have available.


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