TruePulse is looking to source FB-26720-A and FB-26826-A for the GTE GTD-5 EAX.

The FB-26720-A, or FB026720A, HECI code EGPUHN0, Comcode 109741777, is a GTE GTD-5 1 Gig/Power Supply Card.  You may also be familiar with it under several different brands, including the AG Communication Systems FB026720A.

The FB-26826-A, or FB26826A, HECI code EGPQCAS, is a GTE GTD-5 EDT Data Link Controller.  You may also be familiar with it under several different brands, including the AG Communication Systems FB26826A.

The processing building block of the GTD-5 EAX is the “processor complex”. These are each assigned a specific function within the overall switch design.

Administrative Processor Complex (APC). The APC was responsible for the craft interface to the system, administration of status control for all hardware devices, Recent Change, billing, and overall administration.

Telephony Processor Complex (TPC). The TPC was responsible for call sequence and state control. It received signalling inputs collected from peripheral processors (see MXU, RLU, RSU, and TCU below) and sent control information back to the peripheral processors.

Base Processor Complex (BPC). This term referred collectively to the APC and TPCs. Physically, this distinction made little sense, but was important from a software compilation standpoint. Since the APC and TPC processors shared a large memory-mapped space, some stages of compilation were performed in common.

Timeswitch and Peripheral Control Unit (TCU). The TCU was responsible for a group of Facility Interface Units (FIUs). Each FIU was responsible for connecting the system to a particular class of physical connection: analog lines in the Analog Line FIU (and its successor, the Extended Line FIU); analog trunks in the Analog Trunk FIU; and digital carrier in the Digital Trunk FIU and its successor, the EDT FIU. Unlike the SM in the competitive 5ESS Switch, the TCUs did not perform all call processing functions, but limited themselves to digit collection and signalling interpretation.

Remote Switching Unit (RSU). The RSU was similar to the TCU, but had a network capable of local switching, and could process calls locally when links to the base unit were severed.

Remote Line Unit (RLU). The RLU was a condensed version of the RSU, with no local switching capability and limited line capacity.

MultipleXor Unit (MXU). The MXU was actually a Lenkurt 914E Subscriber Loop Carrier. When integrated with the GTD-5 EAX, it used a custom software load that permitted message communication with the remainder of the system.

Through many transactions, the GTD-5 assets have moved to Nokia.

In addition to the FB-26720-A and FB-26826-A, TruePulse is searching for other GTE GTD-5 cards as well.  We are also searching for much other Central Office telecom equipment, including Lucent, Nortel, Calix and Tollgrade.  Please let us know about any decommissioned equipment that you have available.


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