TruePulse is looking to purchase Lucent Metropolis DMX LNW55 and LNW555 circuit packs.  You may also be familiar with them as Alcatel-Lucent 1655 LNW55 and LNW555.  Or even as Nokia 1655 LNW55 and LNW555 packs.

The LNW55, HECI code SOUIAV1, Comcode 109532283, is a METROPOLIS DMX multi-rate OLIU (optical line interface unit). It is OC-3/OC-12/OC-48, PTM-based (Pluggable transmission modules, SFPs. XFPs), multi-port, multi-rate (MPMR) module. The LNW55 has 12 ports, only supported in systems equipped with VLF (Very Large Fabric) main circuit packs.  It is OSP hardened.

The Alcatel-Lucent 1665 DMXtend supports the following in-service low-speed OLIU circuit packs upgrades:  LNW36/LNW37/LNW45 OC-3 OLIU to 12-port PTM-based LNW55 OC3/OC12/OC48 OLIU; LNW46/LNW49 OC-12 OLIU to 12-port PTM-based LNW55 OC3/OC12/OC48 OLIU; 1-port LNW31 OC-48 OLIU to 12-port PTM-based LNW55 OC3/OC12/OC48 OLIU

The LNW555, HECI code SOI9DBA, Comcode 109207548, is a Metropolis DMX OC-192 DWDM OLIU circuit pack.  Specifically, it has a 1-port OC-192 HS, 1533.465nm, WDM Long Reach (80 km) port per pack with VT granularity of 48 STS1s.

More than just the LNW55 and LNW555, TruePulse is looking for other Metropolis DMX modules.  Furthermore, we are interested in modules to other Lucent platforms, such as the SLC-96, the 5ESS, the DACS IV and the DCSS 240E.  Please let us know about any decommissioned Lucent that you have available.


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