TruePulse is looking to purchase NTK529AAE5 and NTK614AA for the Ciena 6500 packet-optical platform.

The NTK529AAE5, or alternately NTK529AA, HECI code WOTRCG3, is a 1x100GBE OCI circuit pack (for 100G OTR).  It is used to transparently map a 100GE client onto an adjacent 100G OCLD or 100G WaveLogic 3 OCLD line interface circuit pack (OPU4/ODU4 frame interface) at 104.8 Gbit/s via the backplane. The 100GE OCI must be equipped with a 100G CFP-based client interface that support ETH100G (100GBASE-R).

Note that the Flex2 WaveLogic 3 OCLD circuit packs can only be mated with 100G OCI circuit packs (NTK529AC) to form a 100G OTR. However, the Flex2 WaveLogic 3 OCLD circuit packs cannot be mated with 100GE OCI circuit packs (NTK529AAE5) to form a 100G OTR

NTK614AA, HECI code WOCUBCX, XCONN 800G PTS 1xQSFP28/2xSFP.  It is a 800G packet switch with mesh interface.  It mates with a 480G throughput at 64-byte frames with NPU-based packet assist.  It supports 100G/40G or 2 x 10G uplink ports, either  QSFP28/+ with 100GE/OTU4 (100GE) or 40GE/OTU3 (40GE), or SFP+ with 2 x 10GE, 2 x OTU2 or 2e(10GE).  The quad-core compute complex with SAOS (software aware operating system) and an MPLS control plane.  It supports PTP Synchronization, IEEE 1588v2 GM, BC, OC.

In addition to the NTK529AAE5 and the NTK614AA, TruePulse is searching for multiple other circuit packs for the Ciena 6500.  We are also interested in Ciena circuit packs to other platforms, including the Optera Metro 5100/5200, the CoreDirector, the Optera Metro 3500 and the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE. Please let us know about any Ciena that you have available.


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