TruePulse is looking to purchase NTK538UJ and NTK552KA modules for the Ciena 6500 optical transport platform. 

The NTK538UJ, HECI code WOTRDPU, is a 100G OTR WaveLogic 3e Premium C-band LR4 Multirate circuit pack.  The NTK538UJ is an optical transponder and service channel interface, combining a 100G client and a 100G line interface together on a single-slot circuit pack increasing density.  The 100G WL3e OTR module can be used in both colored and colorless applications.  For the NTK538UJ to properly provision, you must use the SP-2 shelf processor (NTK555CAE5, NTK555EAE5, or NTK555FAE5) or SPAP-2 w/2xOSC shelf processor (NTK555NA).

The NTK552KA, HECI code WOGUAW8, is a Switchable Line Amplifier (XLA C-Band) circuit pack. The XLA module provides Raman amplification in Photonic Layer applications. The NTK552KA has a single fixed-gain amplifier per line facing direction where Line A and Line B can be independently provisioned for HI or LO Gain values. Unlike SRA circuit packs, there are no OSC filters or WSC port. The NTK552KA pack needs to be paired with either an SRA circuit pack (Raman span/long span) or SAM/ESAM short span circuit pack.

In addition to the Ciena NTK538UJ and NTK552KA, we are also searching for other Ciena 6500 modules.  Furthermore, we are looking for modules for other Ciena/Nortel platforms including the CoreDirector, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE, the DN 7200, and the Connect DX.  We will be happy to make an offer on any Ciena optical networking equipment that you have.

WOTRDPU - 100G OTR WaveLogic 3e Premium C-band LR4 Multirate
Ciena NTK538UJ

Updated August 23, 2021

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